Five for Friday {Saturday version}

For the first time since school started, I finally felt somewhat in a groove this week!  It was a BUSY week!  I loved having Monday off, but the rest of the week seemed so long! Three weeks down!  I can't believe we've been back for almost a month already.
1) This week I celebrated my 27th birthday!  Some of my favorite moments included my 3 year old singing me happy birthday (totally on his own, too!) and my entire class singing happy birthday to me in the cafeteria!  Sweet, sweet kiddos!  My secret pal gave me a pretty flower!

2) We wrapped up our unit on Reconstruction!  I am loving 5th grade Social Studies!  After their assessment, I had them make this reflection journal and asked them to reflect on what they'd learned about Reconstruction.  These were some of my favorite entries!

3) I have brought home a TON of things to laminate!  Eeekk!  Sadly, this isn't even all.  :/
4) My little boy moved to a new classroom this week at his "school".  New room, new teachers, and mostly new kiddos...that's a lot change for a little one!  We think he'll LOVE his new room, but I think it's been a little overwhelming.  He's been a little over emotional and cried over things he wouldn't normally get upset about. Can y'all say a little prayer for him?  He's saying that he loves it, but on his first day he came home and said he played all by himself and that broke this mama's heart into a million pieces.  BUT, his teacher said that he was playing great with others and that he'd had an awesome week! He got separated from his BEST friend so I think that's been an adjustment as well. Yesterday when I picked him up, he was at recess playing with his best friend, whose class was also outside. What a sweet moment to see!  Here is a picture of him and a girl in his classroom that he's always loved!  He says she's pretty! :)
Some of the things I think he'll love about his new classroom: They seem to have more curriculum where they will study a letter and number each week, Show and Tell day where students bring a toy that starts with the letter of the week, Journal Time where each child get a spiral notebook and draws, works on letters, and uses stickers, and chapel day!  

5) Kim at Finding Joy in 6th Grade is the sweetest fellow blogger and she sent me a gift card to Amazon!  I was so surprised and so thankful! I told her this was a great example of having your bucket filled!  I purchased these books for my 5th graders and think they'll love them!  Thank again, Kim! 


  1. I was looking at that Ken Machizuki book for my kiddos. However, I have never read it. I was a little worried that the topic and the text would be too difficult for my 2nd graders. What do you think?

    Ms Richards's Musings

  2. Happy belated birthday!!! Hope it was a great one :) You are making me upset hearing the Easton is having a hard time adjusting. Hope this week will be better!

  3. Happy Birthday, Lana!!! It sounds like you had a fun week!

    Adjustments are hard. I'm sure your little boy will get in the groove of things very soon. My daughter started high school this week and there were a few tears too.

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  4. Great post! I love social studies with my students! Here are some great writing tools for social studies: Teacher Clipart Borders

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