Y'all, my title states what I am doing around here...just surviving! Sadly, I don't even have enough pictures to share with you about my week.  We had some fun moments, but the stress has seemed to rise.  To make a really long story short, my son is sick again this weekend, now with strep throat which is resistant to the antibiotics he was already on for a double ear infection. His medicine (liquid and powder form) has made him puke massive amounts every. single. time. Finally, he got 2 shots and another antibiotic that we are praying will work.

While I have a minute, I have a fun Science experiment I wanted to share with you!  This was 100% planned by my partner teacher, Sarah and I think it was a lot of fun!  We have been studying about friction and the effect of lubricants.  We had an experiment where we used different types of lubricants on a wooden plank and tested the speed of a toy car as it went down the plank. We tested 4 lubricants: oil (cooking oil), water, Dawn dish detergent, and glue. We also tested it once without any lubricant. What do you think would be the best lubricant? Surprisingly, it went the fastest without any lubricant! I thought soap would be the best, but it wasn't at all. That led us into a discussion of how lubricants work differently in different situations. 

We talked about the variables that could've affected our result. We probably needed the same piece of wood, but we would've had to clean it off and let it dry each time which would've taken all day. We probably should use the same piece of wood each year. We probably needed a piece of wood that was clear from any debris. Etc, etc. As scientists, we should repeat this experiment many times to check our results. All of which we don't have time for, BUT it was still a FUN experiment! We graphed our results and compared lubricants afterwards.


  1. Oh Lana:
    I hope your little guy gets better soon. Sending lots of hugs and prayers your way...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. What a fun experiment!

    Sorry to hear your little guy is sick. That's double hard on Mom! Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

    Take care,
    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  3. Lana! You can't catch a break girl! I still love ya girl!


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