Letter Aa - Ants!

We have continued to have fun learning about ANTS! I'll be honest - when E first said he wanted to learn about ants, I thought, "What? Ants?" But, from the get-go, I decided I would let E pick every topic and we would just go-with-the-flow. I am so glad that I did because I've loved our ant learning!!

We have continued to practice writing the letter A.
We sorted ants with the letter Aa on them, uppercase and lowercase letters. 
We also worked on this "Which Ant is Different?" activity. This activity posed some difficulty. E was, for the most part, able to pick out which ants were different, but he had a hard time telling me why they were different. This is a skill we will continue to work on!
We worked on an ant puzzle and an ant maze!

We played an ant game where we rolled a dice and put that # of ants on the ant hill, until all of the ants were on the ant hill. Such a simple game, but it reinforced counting and E loved it!
Another skill we will continue working on is cutting with scissors. I had photos of ants and I drew lines between them and had E cut along the lines.

We played another game where we rolled a dice and built an ant.
We also did this ant parts activity. Of course, I had to say the words and help him with that, but he did good with it!
We read more of his Zootles magazine and learned about different types of ants. I just love these Zootles magazines!
We also used different colored ants to make different patterns. 

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