Organizing Toys & School Area

I wanted to share with you how we organize our toys at our house and how we've organized our "school" area. We've used these cube organizers from Target for years, but lately we organized the toys in them a little better. Before we organized them, E just threw toys in baskets and didn't know where things went because they weren't labeled, etc. So, I made labels with pictures for the toys that go in the boxes. In this picture you'll see the labels: Footballs & Baseballs (any ball can go in there), African animals, forest animals, and farm animals. 
In this picture you'll see toy trucks, Lego's, Army Men, and Dinosaurs. Don't those labels just scream "boy"?! I love it.
Our school area is a work in progress, but we organized it similar to the toy bins. I love the Eric Carle canvas print above. It fits by animal-loving boy perfectly!

I can imagine that younger elementary teachers use similar methods of organization: labels with pictures and words. It has truly helped E have more ownership in his toys and he can easily put toys where they go! 


  1. I should send you a picture of mine... Very similar. We have 4 of the 9 cubby units stacked across one wall. There are 6 cubbies across and 6 down and we have the exact same bins and I velcroed (if that's even a word??) my tags onto the bins, or on the cubby where the toys/book/etc. belong! I finally put the tags on them about 2 weeks ago... this was on my list of things to-do for a long time!

  2. Where did you purchase that adorable Eric Carle print? I LOVE it!
    Short and Sassy Teacher


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