Valentine's Day Activities - Post #3

I hope you all had a fun Valentine's Day! We had the best time doing Valentine's Day activities all week. Today I am wrapping up our Valentine's Day activities with post #3. If you missed my earlier posts, just click for Post #1 and Post #2. 

Earlier in the week we sorted candy hearts by color and counted them and we also put them in coordinating colored hearts. Our last candy heart activity was to identify the first letter of the first word and sort them that way!
We practiced writing the letter V, with a heart no less, to keep the Valentine's spirit alive!
I cut out hearts and E sorted them by size and glued them down on this chart.
We put numbers in order and matched the cards that had the same number of dots.
We went on a letter V hunt! E highlighted all of the letter V's in this Valentine's passage.
We had SO much fun doing all of these holiday themed activities! I am already looking forward to St. Patrick's Day! In the meantime we will go back to doing animal themed weeks!

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