Letter Bb - BEAR!

This week we are working on the letter Bb for BEARS! E picked out this theme last week so we were able to go to the library and get a few bear books (the two in the back of this photo). We couldn't find any nonfiction bear books in the kids section so most of our bear books are fiction, but we are still enjoying them!
We started off with one of E's favorite activities: Do-a-Dot markers!
I cut out the letter Bb's and E glued them and sorted them by uppercase and lowercase.
We have watched a YouTube video of the "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" book. We don't have this book, but I am adding it to a list for us to buy and/or check out from the library! What I love about this one is that it's not scary. We've watched other bear hunt videos on YouTube that have scared E. Like him hiding when it got to the bear part. This one was super cute, though.
I found these picture story sequence cards that we used while watching the video. I loved these cards! Super cute. I put the words with the pictures ahead of time (scattered at first) so although E can't read, he can easily place the phrase with the picture card.
We also matched shapes and talked about what they were. Each shape had a bear picture on it.
For our last activity, I put pictures of different types of bears out and would call out a type of bear (such as "polar bear") and would give E that card to place under the bear picture. I'll be totally honest - I had to Google some of these! Oops!
Stay tuned for more Letter Bb - BEARS fun we will do this week, plus a review of a book whose main character is a bear! 

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