Steal Away Home

So today I am at home with a sick child - my son has strep throat, but thankfully, he is his regular happy and playful self. While I have a minute, I thought I'd share about what we are doing in Reading.

I love to incorporate Social Studies into Reading. Last year at my previous school, we were able to order any and all class sets of novels we wanted and we had GREAT units mapped out that matched the sequence of our Social Studies units. It went together beautifully.

We didn't have any of those novel studies at my new school, but they did have a class set of novels that I had never heard of. The novel is "Steal Away Home" by Lois Ruby. It is a GREAT book to use in correlation to the Underground Railroad & slavery era.
We are about halfway through the novel and the students seem to LOVE it. We typically read aloud one chapter per day and focus on a mini lesson skill from the CAFE menu. During Read to Self, students choose their own book on their level.
Some books that we have incorporated with our novel study is the picture book "Follow the Drinking Gourd" by Jeanette Winter. It was another new book to me, but it went along so well with one of the chapters in "Steal Away Home".
Another read aloud that would go well with "Steal Away Home" is "Henry's Freedom Box". In the story, Miss Lizbet Charles tells the story of Henry Brown (which is "Henry's Freedom Box").
Even though I am not the Social Studies teacher, I love incorporating Social Studies into Reading.

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  1. Fabulous read aloud choices! I hope you're having fun incorporating these books!


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