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How in the world is day the first day of September?! I have now been in school for an entire month. Wow! I haven't posted a lot lately. Honestly, this first month has been exhausting. Sure, some of it is the normal "first day/week/month of school" exhaustion that we all have. I have a feeling that this is going to be a challenging year, though. We've already had a fist fight in the classroom (first ever in my classroom ... it was bad), I've contacted multiple parents for behavior problems already, etc. I am exhausted. You know how you are told "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all?" see I haven't been blogging!
Anyway, on to Farley's September Currently series!
Listening: Disney Junior ... what else?! :)
Loving: I truly needed this Labor Day weekend to refresh myself and recharge!
Thinking: I have almost 80 essay's that need grading. Eeekkk.
Wanting: Enjoy today! Refresh, recharge, feel renewed! :)
Needing: My goal is to finish laundry today and do a little more research on the Disney dining plan. To use or not to use?
3 Trips: I would LOVE to travel to Jerusalem one day. I can't imagine being able to walk where Jesus walked. Amazing! My grandmother went and it seemed amazing. I would also like to visit Turks & Caicos because it looks beautiful!! Paris would also be a fun place to visit!
I hope to be back soon to share some fun we've had in 5th grade so far!


  1. I feel your pain about being exhausted! I had a very challenging class last year that wore me out. I am hoping you find something that works to make your year less stressful. I love your three places to visit. I wouldn't mind going to any of those places either!

  2. Disney and laundry are on my to do list today too. When are you going? We are planning to bring in the new year at Disney World. My kids are 19 and 16 so this family vacation may be one of our last ones as our little family.
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  3. I couldn't recommend Turks & Caicos highly enough! My husband and I first went a couple years ago for summer vacation and then returned for our honeymoon this past summer. The beaches are amazing, the water is fantastic, and the people everywhere are the sweetest. It's a great place for couples and families so if you have a chance to go I definitely pick Turks! Paris was also a great time when I went back in college so get your passport and make it happen! :)

    Sliding Into Second Grade

  4. Aw, I'm sorry it's been a rough start to the year. I have been fortunate in the past few years that I haven't had too many fights. The school I was at before my current one, they were almost occurring daily. :( It is VERY draining.

    I sure hope things get better, but I can appreciate not wanting to blog about it and spread the negativity. That in and of itself is exhausting!

  5. I hope things start getting better. Having a class with multiple behavior issues makes for tough days. You can do it!
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  6. Aw, friend! I'm so sorry this year has not been as smooth sailing as you would have liked! You are an absolutely fabulous teacher and with the support from administration and parents, your class will achieve great things! I hope the days start to become easier now that you're a month into the new year!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  7. I went to Isreal the summer after graduating college! It was such an amazing trip! There's so much history there and just being where Jesus had been was so awesome!!

  8. After reading your post, I'm curious: Do you have any tips or tricks to stay calm when in stressful situations or when dealing with behavioral issues? I observed in a third grade classroom last semester and experienced a fairly intense bad behavioured child. Though the quite long situation was resolved, I found that I couldn't stop shaking for a good half hour after.

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