June Currently

I am finally getting back in the swing of blogging. I've taken a much needed break from blogging about school and I am excited to begin a new job this fall.

I am linking up to Farley's Currently series for the month of June. 

We are loving summer around here! We got out of school on May 26th so I've enjoyed a few weeks of sweet summertime and loved every minute of it! I love the slower pace of summer.

Listening: Love me some HGTV!

Loving: SUMMER!

Thinking: Places to explore this summer - I really want to find areas nearby to explore. I want my little one to enjoy nature and the outdoors.

Wanting: I'm working on redecorating my home and am loving the changes so far!

Needing: I need to work on the usual weekend items: laundry, bills, etc.

Summer Lovin': 1) Fripp Island family vacation - We just got back yesterday and had a WONDERFUL time! 2) Exploring nearby 3) Slower pace of summer - love the little things about summer: backyard playing, grilling out, etc.

I'll be back soon, friends!


  1. Property Brothers is such fun! I've only recently become a fan of HGTV and now I find myself watching it all the time! It sounds like you've had a great start to your summer vacation. Enjoy every moment!

    Mrs O Knows

  2. I have never seen Property Brothers but I definitely will be checking it out!!! I too am looking forward to exploring this summer! I hope you have an awesome summer!



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