Mentor Texts {Author's Purpose}

There are so many books you can use to teach author's purpose. Here are a few that I just recently purchased to use to help teach this strategy.

 Turtle Tide by Stephen R. Swinburne

Summary from Amazon: A mother turtle swims to shore. She digs a hole in a dune where she lays one hundred eggs. Following her instinct, she covers the eggs with sand and slowly makes her way back to sea. What happens next, from eggs to hatchlings, is one of the most extraordinary occurrences in nature. For the eggs provide food for other animals, and the eggs that survive produce hatchlings that, again, provide food for birds and crabs. Even those hatchlings that make it to the ocean face an uncertain future.

I read this book to my son and he thought it was SO sad. He didn't like hearing how many of the baby turtles didn't make it to the sea.

Dogs by Gail Gibbons

Summary from Read Works: An introduction to dogs including their history, types of breeds, senses, and ways of communication.
 I Wanna Iguana by Karen Jaufman Orloff

Summary from Amazon: Alex just has to convince his mom to let him have an iguana, so he puts his arguments in writing. He promises that she won't have to feed it or clean its cage or even see it if she doesn't want to. Of course Mom imagines life with a six-foot-long iguana eating them out of house and home. Alex's reassurances: It takes fifteen years for an iguana to get that big. I'll be married by then and probably living in my own house. and his mom's replies: How are you going to get a girl to marry you when you own a giant reptile? will have kids in hysterics as the negotiations go back and forth through notes. And the lively, imaginative illustrations show their polar opposite dreams of life with an iguana.

 Hey, Little Ant by Phillip and Hannah Hoose

Summary from Amazon: What would you do if the ant you were about to step on looked up and started talking? Would you stop and listen? What if your friends saw you hesitate? That’s what happens in this funny, thought-provoking book. Originally a song by a father-daughter team, this conversation between two creatures, large and small, is bound to inspire important discussions. It might even answer that classic childhood question: To squish or not to squish?

*This book would also be good with point of view. It is a CUTE book. My five year old LOVED it!

There are SO many books that can be used to teach author's purpose. These are just a few.

What books do you use to teach author's purpose?

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