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July?! How is it already July?! Summer is halfway over for me. Ahhhh. It's so incredibly bittersweet, isn't it?
Listening: Kiddo is playing, TV is on
Loving: I am SO excited to have lunch with my best friend from SC today!
Thinking: I should be working out instead of blogging. I don't think I'll have time to workout before lunch so after it is.
Wanting: I've taken about 80% of my school materials to school. I can't wait to get it ALL there and out of my garage.
Needing: I need to get 100% back on track by drinking a gallon of water OR half my body weight in water per day.
All Star: I had the hardest time with this one! I finally decided on documenting memories. Every year since my little one was born, I've made a Shutterfly book. I document everything from the big moments to all of the little moments in between. I do each book from June-May because his birthday is at the end of May. I just finished up last year's book and I am working to finish our Disney Shutterfly book! They are so fun to make and great keepsakes. 


  1. Love your link up. You sound a lot like me :) I too need to get back on track with drinking water, eating clean, and working out! We can do it!

  2. I have been off track on everything this week, and I am determined to get back on track with health, work, and writing on Monday when we come back from our holiday weekend. Our rooms are being renovated this summer, so we had to pack everything up into boxes. I want my room done, so I can get to the unpacking...I get it!

    Kovescence of the Mind

  3. It's always so nice to get everything you've had to take home into your new school space! This year is only the 3rd year in my 9 year career that I didn't have to bring EVERYTHING home. It's nice not having to haul things home and try to find a place to store them.

  4. I hope you had fun with your friend from SC today! I live in SC too so that caught my attention! :)
    It sounds like you do a great job of documenting memories! I hope when I have kids that I can do a great job of that. I made several shutterfly books from our wedding and honeymoon and I just love looking at them. Those books are a great way to remember various events.

    Classroom Snapshots

  5. My mother makes my father a photo album and gives it to him for Christmas every year. It is the gift my family looks forward to more than anything, and we always have fun looking at all of the ones from years past. I definitely need to get better at it myself, so that I can enjoy those memories years from now! Heading over to shutterfly now :)

    The Starr Spangled Planner


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