Fiction Friday {July 10th}

Happy Friday! I am linking up with Amanda at The Teaching Thief for Fiction Friday. I love reading Amanda's blog because she is an avid reader and I am always finding great books to read!

This week I read....

A Father's Promise
by: Donnalynn Hess

A twelve year old boy named Rudi lives in Wardsaw, Poland during the time of WWII. The Nazis arrive and force Rudy and father out of their apartment. They must find a new home in an old office building. Rudi's best friend, Salek, was also forced out of his home. His family was taken away to a concentration camp. Rudi's dad knows that the Germans are after him and knows he'll be taken away, too. He has a strong belief in God and feels that they will see the end of the war. He believes that the woods are a safe place fore Rudi and that God has promised them that they will make it out of this war alive. He sends Rudi out in the woods to live with a group of resistance fighters. On Rudi's way to meet Oscar, the leader of the resistance group, he sees a truck taking people to a concentration camp. He sees his father in the truck. Rudi learns how to survive in the wild from Oscar. Later, Oscar and the resistance group leave the woods to go to Warsaw to capture German soldiers. Rudi stays in the woods and finds an abandoned girl named Ingrid in a haystack. Ingrid's family was killed near the beginning of the story. Rudi takes care of Ingrid like a big brother. After six year of living in the woods, Rudi goes back to Warsaw to find his father after hearing the war is over. He finds his best friend, Salek, and his father. Salek's mother was killed during the war. At the end of the story Rudi finds his father.

WOW! This book goes on my list as a FAVORITE. It was SO, SO good. I read about 2/3 of it one night before going to bed and finished it the minute I woke up. It is written from a Christian perspective, which I love. It will be great since I'll be teaching in a Christian school. Our school uses this in 5th grade so I was able to borrow it. I can't wait to use this when I teach WWII.

Book Information:
250 pages
Age range: 9 & up
Grade level: 4th grade & above
Lexile measurement: 730

 I also read....

by: R.J. Palacio

 August Pullman is a ten year old boy was born with a craniofacial abnormality, which causes his face to be severely deformed. August is going to a private school for the first time as a fifth grader. August has to deal with a lot more than just being the new kid at school. Does he make friends? Does he decide to stay in school? YOU should read it to find out! I promise you won't be disappointed.
I actually started this book at the end of the school year and was reading it with a fifth grader in my class. Neither of us finished before school was over so I recently picked it back up to finish it. It was a GREAT book and is definitely going to be a favorite.

Book Information:
Interest level: Grades 5-7
Reading level/Grade level: 4.8
Lexile: 790L
DRA: 50
Guided Reading: U


  1. Oh my gosh, A Father's Promise sounds sooo powerful! You always find the best historical fiction books!! I still haven't read Wonder, isn't that terrible?! I have heard nothing but truly incredible things about it and I'm sooo behind, lol. It's on the list. Thanks for linking up and sharing these great reads and your kind words. :)

  2. I just read Wonder this past week too. I loved it. Have you read Mockingbird? If you haven't, you should check it out. It was a pretty powerful story.


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