Classroom Decorating, Day 2

Last week I went back to my classroom for day 2 of decorating! I love this stage, but I will be so relieved when it's complete.

My first goal was to move my student cubbies from one wall to another. I moved them to the back wall near the door. Before when you entered my room, you can immediately see them. I know this area will look more cluttered as student supplies and backpacks are in them so I thought putting them on the back wall would eliminate the first glance being the cubbies.
Next I added bulletin board border around my dry erase board. This border was actually so wide that I decided to cut it in half to make a smaller border. It adds just a bit of a pop to my board.

My next goal was to work in my teacher corner. First, I took the remaining student cubby and turned it so that it was taller vs. being longer. This way I can utilize the shelves better.
I love the storage it now gives me. It holds my weekly bins, teacher toolbox, organizers, teacher books, mentor texts, student Social Studies books, a Writing crate, and student dictionaries. Our SS books are paperback and were brand new last year, but they are already looking a bit rough. By keeping them in bins rather than desks, I hope they will hold out for the next 5 years. I will probably still make some changes as I bring more supplies to school, but this was a great start.
Next, I took everything out of my teacher desk, reorganized, and put a few items on the top. I love they way it turned out.

Although I didn't plan on organizing books by genre, I started this HUGE task. The chapter books I brought with me were already labeled so I first separated those. Then, I organized the books that were left by genre and placed them in random baskets on several desks.
This took what felt like (and probably was) HOURS. Once I started it, I wanted to get it done.
I placed my personal chapter books in baskets by genre. Once I have the other labeled, can begin adding all of the books to baskets. Then I'll know how many basket labels I'll need to create before printing them.

My school is placing an order for more books and a couple of bookshelves so hopefully I'll find out more information about that soon. I have two more white bookshelves to bring to school and have plans to put them in the location shown in the photo below. I may end up getting another IKEA rug as well.
Speaking of rugs, I placed the polypropylene rug in front of my Promethean board.
This is the view of my room when I was finished for the day. It looks like an organized mess! The next step is to create book labels, label all of the books shown here, and then put them in book baskets.


  1. Your teacher desk area looks awesome!

  2. You made AMAZING progress! I love it all!

    Also I want all those baskets <3_<3

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  3. Where did you find your cute lamps? I love them!!!


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