Five for Friday + Fiction Friday

Happy Friday! Is it just me or are these summer weeks flying by? I have less than a month of summer break left.
This week I was pretty productive and worked in my new classroom twice. Be on the lookout for posts showing my progress soon!

On Monday, I packed up my car as much as I could and took all of this to my classroom. It is such a chore, but I was so glad to get most of it there. 

I did a little bit of shopping at Target - one of my favorite places! I rarely wear gold, but I've been wanting to get a long, gold necklace and I loved this one. I loved those gold earrings, too.
Target's Dollar Spot is great this year. Most of this came from Target, but the rug was a TJ Maxx find. 

I haven't done a lot of home decorating, but I did add some seashells to this glass vase. A wise woman (my mom!) once said your home should be filled with the things you love. So I have added a few pieces here and there of things I love. 

I spent some time yesterday in my classroom organizing my books + the books that were already there. What a chore that was! This is my pile of an organized mess. It's the start of organizing my classroom library.

I also organized my mentor texts by genre and picked up these magazine bins from Big Lots and added the dry erase labels from Target.

I am also linking up with Amanda at The Teaching Thief for Fiction Friday. This is one of my favorite's because I love finding new YA books to add to my list. 

Most of the books I read this week weren't fiction, but I did read Stone Fox recently for the very first time. I loved it!

Willy finds out that his Grandfather needs $500 to pay taxes of the farm or they will lose it. Willy decided to enter the National Dogsled Race with his dog Searchlight and hopes to win to save the farm. He is going up against an Indian named Stone Fox who always wins. Right before they cross the finish line, Searchlight dies. Stone Fox tells Willy to carry Searchlight to the finish line and get the prize. 

Interest Level: Grades 3 - 5
Reading Level/Grade level Equivalent: 3.2
Lexile® Measure: 550L
DRA: 38
Guided Reading: P
Genre: Adventure, Classics
Although this book is a bit too low for my fifth graders, it is such a GOOD book and such a classic. I can't believe I've never read it until recently. 


  1. Wow, you had a super busy week! I love the jewelry you found at Target. Soooo cute! I recently started wearing gold too and now I'm a teensy bit addicted. Hehe. Your bowl of shells makes me happy too. Your mom is indeed a very wise woman. Finally, Stone Fox is a great book! I've used it with book clubs several times and it is always a hit! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Feel free to link up non-fiction books, pictures books, whatever and whenever. The spirit of the linky is really just about great books. Thanks for linking up!! :)

  2. Loving your five for friday, sounds a fab but busy week! The shells look lovely, they really do bring something little extra to the place!

  3. I always have at least two or three students burst into tears when I read Stone Fox. It's an amazing book! It looks like your classroom organization is coming. I have almost two months left of vacation, and I've been to my classroom exactly ONE time. I have some book organizing to do, as well. Have a wonderful week!
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