Summer Bucket List

Today I am linking up with Natalie at What the Teacher Wants for her summer bucket list linky. I love summer and I love this idea for a linky party!

  • Since I am going to be teaching at a new school, I have LOTS to do. All of my teaching materials are currently stored in my garage. I hope to get a sneak peek of my classroom next week and start to take my materials to school.
  • Later this summer I'll focus on getting my classroom set up.
  • I also plan to go through everything (since I'll be taking everything I've accumulated) and purge what I don't need.

  • We are planning on getting a pool next year (Woot woot!) so we are currently doing swimming lessons for my little one.
  •  I've been documenting my weight loss journey (@wwlana on Instagram) and I've lost 43 pounds so far. This summer I really want to continue to exercise consistently, track my food, and be more mindful of what I eat.
  • I plan on visiting family several times and just soaking up family time!
  • Read!

  • We just got back from our beach vacation and had a great time!
  • A friend of mine said it best when she put on Facebook a few days ago that state parks are one of the most under utilized resources we have available. I have three on my list to hike this summer.
  • Get OUTSIDE! Water gun fights, water table fun, swing set, games, grilling out, you name it!
  • As mentioned above, I'll be heading to Tennessee a few times to visit family there!

Head over to Natalie's blog to link up here! 


  1. Sounds like a great summer! Good luck moving everything into your new classroom. Can't wait to see your new digs. Happy summer!!

  2. I'm moving to a new school too and hope I can get in to my room soon! What part of Tennessee are you going to? I hoping to visit family in Cleveland near Chattanooga in July.

    A Tall Drink of Water

  3. Congratulations on your weight loss! That's a huge accomplishment with a little one around the house. As teachers, we tend to take care of everyone else first, so good for your for taking care of yourself too. And I totally agree about state and national parks. There's some gorgeous country in this country! Enjoy your summer!

  4. Great summer linky I must confess. I almost forgot my watch Telugu movies online sub while reading this article. 😍


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