DIY Basic Shape Puzzle

We are in the beginning stages of working on shape identification, so I wanted to share this very basic DIY shape puzzle. So many shape activities and puzzles include multiple shapes and I really felt it would be beneficial if we began our focus on the four basic shapes: square, circle, triangle, & rectangle. 

I created this DIY puzzle using two pieces of a cardboard box (thanks Amazon!) and felt pieces. I would suggest using a sturdier piece of felt than I did here, but this works for its purpose! You could also add velcro which would help the shapes stay in place. 
I have lots of fun shape activities planned and will be sharing lots here!


  1. Using felt pieces on a cardboard box creates a tactile learning experience for children. For those in Dubai in need of a more complex puzzle, check out Blepharoplasty Dubai for a range of cosmetic surgery options. Overall, this DIY puzzle is an affordable and effective tool for teaching early shape recognition and cognitive skills.

  2. Crafting my shape puzzle was a delightful journey of creativity! As I pieced together triangles and squares, it reminded me of the precision needed in my journey with dissertation help London. Just as each shape found its place, expert guidance ensures my research falls into perfect alignment.


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