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A few weeks ago I went to a local consignment sale and found so many wonderful resources for great deals! There were thousands of books and tons of teaching supplies! One of the items I picked up was this set of shape manipulatives. They came in red, blue, and yellow in a variety of sizes. Some shapes are big, some are small, some are thick, and some are thin. I love the variety!

We have been looking at shapes and really focusing on the four basic shapes: rectangles, triangles, squares, and circles. This set was perfect for our shape study. I cut out shapes in construction paper and wrote the shape words on them. Then, we worked on sorting by shape.

How could else could I use shape manipulatives?

  • Sort by color
  • Sort by size
  • Sort by thickness/thin
  • Create patterns
  • Count edges and vertices of shapes
  • Sort and count 

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