Valentine's Themed Do-A-Dots

One of my girls VERY favorite things to do is Do-a-Dots! It's so good for visual scanning and fine motor skills, so it's usually a weekly thing around here. I bought Minnie Mouse Valentine's cards for my girls, but I thought these DIY Do-a-Dot cards would be perfect for them to use!


 These make the sweetest homemade Valentine's cards!

I also printed a few other Valentine's themed sheets for more Do-a-Dot fun! You can find them from Easy Peasy Learners here and iHeart Crafty Things here.
 I love how bright and colorful these are. They are perfect to display on the refrigerator this month!

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  1. Hello Lana,
    I am currently in school for Early Childhood Educator. I am in my last year and my instructor gave us some links to look through so we could make our own blogs. I found your heart activities awesome so I used them in my blog. It is not finished yet and still a work in progress as I just did it a few hours ago. This is the link if you would like to see how I am using them. It isn't a big deal but just thought I would let you know that I loved the ideas behind the Do-a-dots. This is the link


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