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I have finally ALMOST got my room ready! Our first day with students is next Wednesday so I still have a little time and it seems like my list just keeps getting longer! But, I am excited to give you a tour of my classroom! The starfish on my door has my students names on them, but it is hard to see in this picture!
This is the view as soon as you walk into my room!
This year I re-did my big bulletin board and made half of it a word wall and the other half a focus board. I wish my last row of letters on my word wall had more room, but I'm not going back and changing it right now. We'll see how it works! This is also my reading area. I am loving the green adirondack chairs I added this year!
This is part of the back of my room and the only storage I have. I wish I had a little more, but it works! For the class jobs I will have my students names on clothespins to move around!
This is the view if you are standing in the back of the room! I love my Smartboard!
This year I am trying a new book checkout. I am hoping it will work well! Basically when a student picks a book, they will go their pocket and write down the information on their index card. Once they finish the book, they will cross it out and start over.
I am also implementing bucket filling this year! I am SO glad I found this idea on various teaching blogs! I think it will be GREAT for my students. I am excited to get it started.
This is the view of my classroom library from an angle! (I know my calendar doesn't have all the dates on there...I need more velcro!)
I would love to have another smaller bookshelf to hold my picture books. I have so many that it's hard to even browse through them!
And, here is my little area!!
Does anyone else's to-do list look anything like this?! At least I got a lot crossed off today! But, of course more is added!!
I have one bulletin board left to do, which will be my CAFE board! I am excited to get that started, too! Hope you enjoyed your tour!


  1. Lana, I love your teaching blog! Your classroom looks great! My cooperating teacher from student teaching implemented bucket filling into her classroom as well....I thought it was such a great idea! :)

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for posting on my blog. All of your answers helped so much, and I appreciate you taking the time to write it all out! :) Your blog has so much information on it, and I am so excited about gaining some knowledge from it! Your classroom looks great!! Hope this year goes well for you. I will for sure be emailing you if I have questions that no one else can answer! Ha!

  3. I read on a blog (Mrs. Foreman's) that you were happy to find a fourth grade classroom. I went to check you out, and your classroom looks wonderful right now. I LOVE YOUR DOOR.

    In a pursuit to find all awesome 4th grade blogs, I am now your follower. You are on my blogroll, too. :)


  4. I'm glad I found your blog, you have super cute ideas!


  5. Hi!! I know this is super, super late but I'm just now seeing it on Pinterest - I love your door! I'm thinking of doing it for my class next year, but I wanted to know how you did the background?! Thanks!!

  6. Love your door too! I would like to know what you used for the background. Thanks!

  7. where did you find the starfish? I have been looking forever but cannot find. Thanks for they info!!!


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