First Day-Check!

Well, I have survived the first day! (Not my first year, but first day back to school) We had a really good day! My class came in quietly and started their work that I had on their desk (an Interest Inventory) immediately and was so quiet! I always start the day off by reading "First Day Jitters". It is such a cute book! By mid-day I felt like I was hoarse because of all the talking I had done about procedures, routines, etc! I am tired tonight! I have been looking at the interest inventories and got tickled over this response. (Cafe = cafeteria!)

I have had a couple of questions that I wanted to answer! First, Tara asked me about my blog design! Patrice over at Purrfect Blog Designs made over my blog design for me. She is AWESOME to work with and I highly recommend her! She is SO great to work with and is so talented!! She also re-did my other blog: Live, Laugh, Love. Click her blog button below to go to her blog.

Another question was from The Shackleford's about how I did the vinyl on different things in my classroom! I have the Cricut machine, which can be used for a couple things. Lots of people scrapbook with them and that's originally what I got it for! You can buy it in the scrapbook department at Hobby Lobby. Then, you buy various cartridges. For what I did in my room, I think the cartridge called Alphalicious. It's so easy! All you do is buy the vinyl and follow the directions on how to use the Cricut machine!

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  1. Hi Lana, So glad you had a great first day:) I have a cute, simple writing activity that I did along with the First Day Jitters if you're interested, I can email it to you:) Love the CAFE cute!! I will be checking into your friends blog designs. Have a great rest of the week....I have a sore throat:( Always happens when we go back to school:( lol

    4th Grade Frolics


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