Secret Pal & first few day reflections

At our school we do Secret Pal every year! We fill out a sheet about us and then draw names! I picked a 5th grade teacher that I am pretty close to. I usually try to start out with a back to school gift of some supplies they might want/need, but then I usually buy more personal items for other occasions. Here is what I got her today!

Well, our first three days went GREAT! I really think I have a GOOD class this year! Last year I had a few behavioral issues, but I think this will be a good year! I do have some that may be a little bit of a challenge, but I know we'll manage! :) So far, being bucket fillers has been the BEST thing I've ever done in my room! The kids love it SO much and I feel like it has really built classroom community! Also, the kids loved coming in Friday morning to see the books I had picked out for them. I gave them time to browse their books and told them if they didn't want any of the books I picked out to put them on top of the middle desk (supply desk). Then, I held each one up and talked about it and about half of the class wanted every book I held up! It was GREAT! We started independent reading, but only for about 10 minutes. We are going to build up to 25-30 minutes within the next few weeks. When it was time to stop and go to activity, the kids wanted to keep reading! That is music to a teacher's heart!! I have also started our first read-aloud "The World According to Humphrey"! Thanks Tara for recommending it! The kids are loving it!


  1. Isn't it exciting to start a new school year?

    I've been in school 2 days (1 full day and 2 half days) and I'm ready.

    My students use the Daily 5 model of Read To Self, and the first day we read 5 minutes with no problem. I let the student helper choose the number of minutes for the next day and 10 minutes was too much for my barometer boy...we only made it to 8 minutes. I need to have the class discussion on 'just-right-books'. (I hope to accomplish that Monday.

    I have read 'Humphrey' to my class in the past. Ralph S. Mouse is always good, also. I've decided to start out with Kenny and the Dragon this year.

    Have a great year.

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    Fabulous 4th Grade

  2. So cute!! Do you keep your secret pals for the whole year? Just the beginning? Love that idea :)


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