Using Vinyl in the Classroom

Hey yall! Well it is my first post here at For the Love of Teaching! I wanted to show you a few pictures of how I use vinyl (with my Cricut machine) in my classroom! One of my best friends, Emily, gave me this adorable clip-board that is personalized using vinyl! I love it and have already started using it!
Below you'll see three glass jars. The one labeled "group work" will hold wooden sticks with my students names on them. I use them when calling on students or when putting them in groups. Our class bucket will hold pom poms and will go along with my bucket filling. The cheers are silly little cheers that we will do throughout the year!

I found this cute beverage tub at Target and am using it to hold my clipboards! Note: This was not my idea...I found something similar on a blog and I cannot for the life of me figure out where. If you read this and have something similar, please let me know so I can give credit where it is due! The one I got my inspiration from was dark blue with white letters and pink dots.

I liked the beverage tub so much that I went back and bought another! This year my class has activity (PE, art, etc.) right before lunch so I knew on the day they go to the library they would be coming to lunch with 20+ books. So, we will carry our book tub to and from the library to hold our books!

Last year we had to pack up EVERYTHING at the end of the year and my poor, little homework organizer didn't make it so I've had my eye out for something else. I bought this clear 3 drawer organizer and labeled it using vinyl. Each morning when students come in they will turn their homework in here.
What things have you put vinyl on?


  1. Congrats on the new blog!! I love the idea of a clipboard tub. I'll definitely be using that when I'm back in the classroom :)

  2. Love all the things you have made with your cricut machine....sadly I don't have one:( Excited you have a teacher blog now:)

    4th Grade Frolics

    1. I purchased a used Cricut on Ebay for $50. I also got school related cartridges for $12-$20.

  3. Okay, how exactly do you do the vinyl letters? I would LOVE to do the same thing--SUPER CUTE!! Have you seen those super de duper cute personalized hand sanitizers?? I saw them on Pinterest, which please tell me you know what Pinterst is ;)If I knew how to use vinyl, I could so make my own. Excited about finding a 4th grade blog. Keep it up.

  4. Lovely! And I LOVE the lettering! :) - Victoria

  5. There is a great site called "ProTeacher" where teachers of all grade levels and subjects share, ask questions......There are also "chat rooms" for all kinds of things. One of these rooms is for the Daily 5. Over the years I have really gotten lots of great ideas and downloads. It's free.

  6. LOVE the vinyl words! It definatly makes things look neatly organized. It looks like you have been hard at work!

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