More Classroom Decorating

This weekend I set out on a journey to find just ONE pocket chart from Target! I found one a while back and only bought one (I've learned, if you think you might need another...BUY IT!) but I needed another one to display my spelling words on my focus board. Of course, when I went back to get it...they had none. I even sent my husband to various Target's with no luck. So, I tried one more time at my local Target! Remember, I went in for ONE chart and came out with this:
FIVE charts, 2 books, dice, and a class set of foam clocks! The lady behind me in line said "You must be a teacher!" Haha! Today we had a teacher work-day in our room (with no meetings, which is SO nice!) and I have gotten a lot finished. I completed my CAFE board and am pleased with how it turned out.

I also took this fabric I bought and used it to make my desk look a little more attractive! Just add Velcro and voila!

We have Open House (Meet the Teacher night) in just an hour and a half! I am excited to meet my new kiddos!


  1. Class set of clocks...score!! :)

    Have fun at Meet the Teacher night!

  2. Those clocks are too cute!

  3. Lana,
    Ok...LOVE the new blog design!!! Did you buy it? Was it alot? LOVE your classroom pics! I might be borrowing the book checkout idea...IF I can find a spot for it. I am out of room!! lol. Hope your open house went wonderfully:))

    4th Grade Frolics


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