~Fun Finds~

First things first friends....I am spending my week in one of my favorite places ever...the beach!  I have said it before, but the beach is my happy place.  It's so relaxing to me to sit on my balcony and read a book while listening to the ocean waves when everyone else is asleep.  Paradise!
I'm enjoying some amazing seafood!  I love, love, love fresh seafood, especially peel 'n eat shrimp and crab legs.  Yummy!!
Now, let's get back to school stuff, which is the real reason for my post!  I wanted to share a few cute finds that I got while shopping the other day.  We all know how popular and how cute chevron is.  I found this cute chevron border at Michaels!  Can't wait to use it in my classroom.
I also bought a pack of chevron paper.  I love the bright colors!
My favorite find is these fraction bars from the Dollar Tree!  They come 5 to a pack and are perforated.  I would love to keep a class set AND have one for each student for their interactive Math notebook.  How awesome would these be for notebooking? 
On an unrelated note, I found these cute little adhesive back flowers.  I plan on attaching a pin so I can pin them onto my denim jacket for this fall.  Is that burlap flower going to look so cute on a denim jacket or what?!  
'Till next time!


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