School Shopping!

While I am in Tennessee visiting family and friends, I just had to stop at an awesome teacher store called The Learning Circle!  My mom and I had a great time looking for new teaching goodies!  They have this huge tree in the middle of the building with lots of toys for children to play in.  Such a cute place!  
Last year I used blue and green as my classroom colors and I loved it!  Towards the end of the year I wished I had added some pink in and I've debated it since then.  After picking up the green and blue polka dot border I used last year and seeing the pink, I really felt like it would add a POP of color!
Have you ever tried Mavalus tape?  If you're like me, you can't stand walking in your classroom and seeing posters laying on the floor.  Last year was the first time I've used Mavalus tape, but I loved it.  It held my posters really well.
The Learning Circle had a room full of goodies that were 60% off.  I picked up the bookmarks for a little more than $1 and will use them in my back of school gifts.  I am saving the apple note pad for a secret pal gift.  The other cut-outs....I'm not sure, but I will probably do some type of Math problems on them.  Fishy fractions?   I can't think of anything for the sand dollar and umbrella, but I am sure I will!
I also picked up some name tags and polka dot bordered accents.  I will probably use those for student names on my door.
Even though our grade books are online, I'm still old school and like to keep a paper one too.  :)  I think the quick flip reference Common Core standards guide will be great to use for easy references during lesson planning and/or meetings.
Since our school doesn't purchase anything for grammar, it's always hard to find/create everything we need for grammar.  I hope this workbook will help next year with new standards and new grammar skills!
These World War II photo activity cards were 60% off!  They'll be great when we study WWII.  
I also got this book about The Great Depression.  Hopefully it'll come in handy! I think I am going to LOVE 5th grade Social Studies.
After shopping at the teacher store, we ran to Barnes and Noble where I picked up these books:
I had a whole list of books to purchase (like 15+) and they only had 2 of them (top 2 pictured).  Looks like I'll be purchasing some of them at Amazon!

I am hoping to get in my classroom in a few weeks to start getting things together!  I still have a lot to buy, but this was a good start!


  1. Have you read the picture book, "When Jessie Came Across The Sea" by Amy Hest? Although the huge influx of immigrants largely preceded The Great Depression, much of what drove them all to immigrate resembled it. It's a beautiful story with captivating illustrations. Sounds as if your shopping spree was fruitful and fun:)
    Darcy Hill

  2. Oh that Common Core flip chart looks fabulous--might have to hunt one of those down

  3. Ok, I am a bit jealous of your SS resources! jk :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  4. Love the color choices. I always gravitate to bright colors for my classroom too!
    The umbrella you could do opposites..and make raindrops to go along with it..make it a matching game.
    I will have to ponder the sand dollar.

    Debbie :)

  5. I have those same colors in my room too! Your purchases got my brain thinking...what about using the sand dollars for some $ math problems?

    AND in college I created a cross-curricular thematic unit on the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse was a great read.

    Short and Sassy Teacher


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