Native American Day {A Recap}

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In 4th grade, students learn about Native Americans, which was one of my favorite topics to teach about in Social Studies.  My partner teacher and I decided to end it with Native American Day!  There were two main activities we did on Native American Day: 1) We cooked Indian Maize pancakes, 2) Students did an art project called sand art.

I don't have any pictures of the pancakes, but I did want to share the sand art photos.  The day before we used food coloring and grits to get our "sand" ready.  When you mix it, you use grits, food coloring, and a little bit of rubbing alcohol.  Shake it all up and then spread it out on newspaper to dry.
We've done this project both inside and outside.  I recommend outside because it does get quite messy!  Here are some of our sand art paintings.  

Social Studies is one of my favorite topics to teach and I think anytime you can make it more fun by doing a fun project, students are more excited about it!  We hung these paintings outside our room for a while before they took them home to share with their families.  


  1. Hey Lana! I just blogged about a possible Carolina Blogger Meet Up - are you interested?? Read All About It Here

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  2. I love teaching social studies too! You can really have some memorable lessons and activities, and I bet your kiddos will remember that day for a long time!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  3. Lana - The sand art is so stinkin' cool! I love this project! I'm so glad you blogged about it and linked up. My wheels are already turning on how to fit this into my own social studies lessons. Hmm.... I'll work on it. :)

    Thanks for linking up!!



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