Books, books, and more books!

I LOVE teaching Reading. I love sharing new books with my students. I love to see them excited to read and excited to listen to read alouds.

I have been SO blessed to purchase LOTS of new books for my classroom lately with fundraiser money. I just got two Amazon orders in this week and wanted to share with you the books I purchased!

America's White Table is a BEAUTIFUL book that I will save for Veteran's Day. The Dot is another book I'll save for International Dot Day. I have a post written about it HERE.

I first head of Fish in a Tree at the Scholastic Reading Summit and I've seen SO many bloggers rave about it. I will be using it as a read aloud near the beginning of the year. It is actually on the Global Read Aloud list for the month of October! Courtney at Ramona Recommends shared this pledge with her readers. Will you take the pledge?

These groups of books are books I've seen other teachers share, books I saw on Amazon, etc. 

Since I'll be teaching both Literacy and Social Studies, I purchased a lot of books that will touch of the units/topics I will teach in SS.

I am so excited to share all of these books with my students this year! 


  1. You have some great titles there. Paperboy is amazing! Flora and Ulysses made me laugh out loud. I haven't read Fish in a Tree yet, but it is in my stack.
    ~April Walker
    The Idea Backpack

  2. Fish in a Tree is awesome - very powerful, as well as One for the Murphys. FABULOUS. The Night Gardener was my last read aloud of the year last year and my kiddos loved it. You've got some great titles in there!
    Are We There Yet?


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