Social Studies & Reading lessons {First Week of School}

The first week of school is down and I am ready to begin our second week tomorrow. As much as I love the back to school fun, I am ready to get into a solid routine and do what I love most --> teach my favorite subjects!

My hope is that each week I'll share what we did in Social Studies and Reading. Last week we only switched classes for two days so we only got through a small amount of content.

Let's start our recap with....

We started off very basic last week by setting up our Social Studies notebook. Our very first page is labeled, "Why is Social Studies important?". I start our notebooks off this way every year. I like to see why they think it's important to learn about the history of our country.

Our first unit is Map Skills. We began by reviewing continents and oceans. We added a map to our notebooks, labeled, and colored it.

We discussed how a map is different than a globe. We identified continents, oceans, and various features on our globes. We previewed next week's lessons by reviewing the equator and prime meridian. Since we only had two days, that is all we got to for last week.

 Moving on to....

One day we read "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" and connected that to what we'd learn from our read aloud of "Each Kindness" from the previous day. We also connected it to our welcome back assembly, where our principal talked about how God wants us to treats others and how we treat others shows our love for him.

I shared with my students that one of my favorite authors is Patricia Polacco. We read "Thank you, Mr. Falker" which is AMAZING. My students loved it. 
My favorite part was our BOOK FRENZY! My classes were so excited to be able to search through our classroom library and pick out a book to take home. I wish you could've seen their smiles!

Have a great week!

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