Five for Friday {August 8th}

Hey guys! I'm joining in a day late for Five for Friday! I had a fabulous (but busy) week this week. Preplanning began for me this week at my new school and I had a GREAT week!

I loaded up my car on Monday with several new items to make my classroom more cozy! I am incorporating more black and white accents in my classroom. I LOVE the black and white rug I got at Wal-Mart. It looks so good in my classroom library!

Here is another new item to my room that I LOVE!

This week I worked to complete my yearly pacing guide for Literacy. What a chore that is! It's a work in progress and I am sure I'll tweak it throughout the year.

At home we are getting things ready for my son to begin KINDERGARTEN next week! Y'all, how do I have a Kindergartener?! In his room we have a bookshelf where I display books as décor. Usually I'll have seasonal books on it. This week I organized his bookshelf and added Kindergarten/school themed books! I love this little area to spotlight books for him!

I shared this on Instagram, but I just have to share it here. I was part of an AMAZING experience this week. After a school-wide meeting, everyone was given an area (office, classroom, etc) to pray for along with a person. After I prayed in my designated area, I went to my classroom to pray over my student desks. During that night, I witnessed someone praying for me by my desk, I witnessed teacher moms come into my classroom and pray over their child's desk, and I was able to go to my sons Kindergarten classroom to pray for him, his teachers, and his classmates. Y'all, it was an AMAZING experience that was humbling, overwhelming, and just incredible. I am SO incredibly thankful to be there. My heart was so touched and so full that day!

Last night we had Launch night at our school. This is similar to Open House/Meet the Teacher. It was SO GOOD! I met all 16 of my homeroom students and several others in the other 5th grade classroom. I am SO EXCITED for this year! 


  1. I just loooooove the Bookshelf for your son...and teh idea of changing books according to seasons is great ;)
    As soon as I convince myself to have kids, I'll do it !

  2. I love the idea of designating areas and people to pray for! What an awesome way to start off the school year! I teach at a Christian school also and will have to mention that idea to my principal. :)

    Teaching in the Tropics

  3. I love the black & white decor you picked out for your room! So adorable. I've never done black/white theme, but I think I might because it's so cute!

    I love the way you display books in your son's room. I totally use books as decorations in my boys' rooms too! :)

    Good luck with all things back to school!


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