The Magician's Nephew

Happy Sunday! We are having a much needed day of relaxing around here and it has been wonderful. I've mapped out our week in my Day Designer planner. I had an Erin Condren and loved it, but I went with a more simple planner this time and love it so far. 
This past week we began our fantasy unit. I'll have to admit, I Fantasy isn't my favorite genre. I enjoy C.S. Lewis and I love The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. However, The Magician's Nephew was good, too. My students are loving it and that's what really matters. I thought I'd share with you how I'm using it in the classroom.
The Magician's Nephew is our read aloud during our fantasy genre unit. Throughout the story, we talk about elements of fantasy: teleportation, magic, talking animals, etc. In the first chapter, we identified where London is on a map and marked it with a push pin.

During chapters 1-5, we focused on making predictions. Those chapters were great for making predictions. Students made predictions after each chapter and then shared what actually happened after we read on.

This week we will be reading chapters 6-10 where we will focus on visualizing. I have marked various places where we will stop to think/share about our "mind movies" as we visualize.

The Magician's Nephew has a lot of vocabulary that we will discuss. Some of these are: keen, indignantly, solemn, peril, incantations, rampaging, throttle, impertinent, ostentatious, tantivy, sagacious, cockney, simpleton, and coronation.

Throughout the story, we will talk about similes as we find them in the text. We will also begin acquaintance and analysis lessons. This is where we'll look at a sentence, a few sentences, or a paragraph of GOOD writing and we'll discuss what makes it good. What about the author's writing makes this a good sentence or a good paragraph? You can find examples of acquaintance and analysis anywhere. I hope to find a lot from our read alouds, but they can be found in any type of text (magazines, articles, etc).


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