Monday Made It {August 10}

Happy Monday, folks! I only had to work for a little while this morning, but tomorrow marks our first day of school with students! I'm looking forward to a fabulous day!

I am linking up with Tara to show you two projects I worked on this past week.

Last fall I went to a teacher yard sale and bought a straw dispenser. She had planned on using it for pencils and never got around to it.
I've had it in my garage this entire time and finally pulled it out. I used spray adhesive and this scrapbook paper to do a little make over on it.

This year I am teaching Literacy and Social Studies, which are my favorite two subjects. One of the things I am doing to merge the two is by keeping track of all the places we've "visited" while reading various stories. We'll keep track of this using one of our maps in the classroom. I created this picture, had it developed, and framed it. Love it!


  1. SCORE!!! in the pencil dispenser. I just ordered one from Amazon and they aren't cheap! Have been wanting one for years now...and did it. Now can't wait for it to come in. I'm going to use mine for "prize Pencils".
    Also love your book frame...very cool.

  2. Love the straw dispenser. Great idea to put the paper inside.

    Teaching Under the Sun

  3. I really like that idea of keeping track of where the books you read are set. Great integration!

    My Bright Blue House

  4. I'm doing literacy and social studies, too, and I am definitely stealing that idea!

  5. The pencil dispenser looks awesome! I'm sure your students will enjoy getting pencils from it. Have a great year!

    A Very Curious Class

  6. Teaching social studies is one of my faves too! Of course when you can bring literacy in with it, that is even better.

  7. LOVE the pencil dispenser! I have to keep my eyes out for one that I can use in my classroom!

    DJ @ Hello Learning

  8. Your pencil dispenser turned out so cute!!! ❤️❤️✏️✏️ And, I love the world map idea. So cool!

  9. I love your pencil dispenser. I wanted to have one but they are SO expensive. The world map is so great, too!
    Are We There Yet?


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