Bookshelf {before & after}

Spray paint is one thing that can make a HUGE difference!  While I don't use it that often, I went on a spray painting frenzy a few days ago.  This year the theme of my room is blue and green.  I have some things light blue, some bright blue, and some dark blue.  I think the contrast adds a lot.  One of my bookshelves was just pitiful.  It's old, it's grey, it's just plain ole' ugly.  So, I decided I must spray paint it.  Here it is BEFORE...
And here is the AFTER!  My terrible old bookshelf has turned into a beauty! 
I am so happy with how it turned out!  I think it will just POP in my classroom!  Do you use spray paint on anything in your classroom?


  1. LOVE the blue! Being a newbie to spray painting furniture, is there something you put on after the paint to seal it? Thanks for sharing your bookcase :)
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  2. This is what we're doing tomorrow! SO glad we hopped onto your blog for motivation. That color is so cute and the same colors as our class too. :)

    We are seriously considering spray painting our metal file cabinets and we have a metal shelf too. A little scared, but figure its classroom furniture, not home, so what do we have to lose. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    Tammy & Christy

  3. love it!!! I've been wanting to spray paint some things... but I'm so afraid I'll ruin it! haha

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  4. Man, I really wish we could paint the furniture in our classrooms! Some of our bookshelves look like they have been through a tornado! Your shelf looks so happy now!

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  6. Well, I have found a cheap tall white bookcase at and it will help me to decorate my room, without going out of budget.


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