This past week I did some major school shopping!  I went to a local Educational Wonderland (LOVE that store!) and purchased quite a bit!  I got desk nametags, nametags for our cubbies, bookmarks (for a 1st day gift), a book, office pass, nurse pass, and pencils that say something about 4th grade (I can't remember exactly what).

I also got Reading Comprehension cards, which I think we'll love using.  I bought Animal Adaptations, The American Revolution, Rainforest, and Weather.  Two are for my partner teacher.  The hands will be used for Open House (I'll explain that later), and a pack of lighbulb notepads.  I'm not exactly sure what the lightbulbs will be for, but they were too cute not to get!
I also got cute border, a sticker chart, and a Welcome sign.
I also got a Reading Think Alouds poster set, a poster about what good readers do, and another poster with a quote.  I LOVE that quote!
And a birthday chart is last!
I love everything I got and already have some of it much up in my classroom!  :) 

Stay tuned for more classroom finds that I've found lately!


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  2. Sorry to comment twice. There was an annoying typo. After seeing your post, I want to go shopping!! You got some great things. Don't ya just love back to school? :)

    The Teaching Thief

  3. Lana - I just love your blog & you have inspired me to go shopping too! Left you an award on my blog: Blog Award-Thank You. Hope you'll pass the award along.


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