Pom Pom/Tissue Paper Flower Tutorial

After I posted my pom poms on a Monday Made It post a few weeks ago, I've had several questions on how to make them so here is a tutorial for you! 

1)  Get your materials together.  You'll need: gift tissue, floral wire, and scissors.  One pack of gift tissue will make one pom pom.  I've read that some people use bobby pins or rubber bands instead of floral wire.  I used floral wire to make all of mine, but I'm sure the others work too.

2) Spread your gift tissue paper out.
3) Start to fold the gift tissue accordian stlye.

4) Once it is folded accordian style, find the middle and add your floral wire (or whatever material you use for the middle).
5)  This step isn't necessary, but I think they look better if you do it.  Take scissors and cut the ends of the gift tissue so they form an arrow.
6) Once one side is cut into an arrow, fold it over so you can try to cut the other side at the same angle.  Don't worry about making it exact, you won't be able to tell but you do want the same or a similar angle.
7) I start out by holding one side like this.
8) Then, start pulling the other side towards the middle.
9) Once you pull a few pieces of tissue paper on one side, begin the other. 
10) Once you have a few pieces pulled out on each side, work on the middle.  Most of it will stay near the middle but you want to pull them apart as well.
11) This is what the side you just worked on should look like.
12) You will repeat the same process on the other side.  Begin with one side and pull out about 3 pieces of tissue paper.  Repeat on other side.  Then, your middle part should look like this.
13) Finish by pulling the middle pieces apart just a little.
14) And you're finished! 
I hope this tutorial helps!  They are super easy to make once you get the hang of it!  I think they are so cute to hang in your classroom.  They averaged me about a dollar each since each pack of tissue paper was $0.99.  I also bought floral wire that was $2.99.  I have made five green and five blue pom poms so my total project cost is around $13.  Let me know if you have any questions if you make them!


  1. This is just perfect Lana! We bought lanterns for our class because we weren't exactly sure about how to do these. Now we can! Thanks for sharing.
    -Christy & Tammy

  2. This is a fabulous tutorial! It is so clear and easy to follow. I'm pinning so I can come back to you when I finally get around to making those things. :)

    The Teaching Thief


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