5th Grade T-shirt Ideas

Alright guys, I really need some creative ideas!  My partner teacher and I are discussing ideas for class t-shirts for next year.  We've brainstormed, but can't really think of a good slogan to use. Here are some of our thoughts:

  • Fabulous Fifth Graders (although I think some boys might think "fabulous" some girly)
  • Fantastic Fifth Graders
  • Staying Alive in Grade Five (anyone else sing that as you read it? Haha!)
  • I also found a Survivor Theme when researching...something like this? 
    If you have ANY ideas, saying's, slogan's, etc that you think might be helpful...please let me know!  


  1. Love the Survivor Shirts..How about Fearless Fifth Graders..Fierce in Fifth Grade...or Sur "Five" Or ...just a few.


  2. I love the survivor theme. Ohhh, love the sur "five" from debbie. I was thinking Survive Grade Five, but I like the play on words better. You could run the survivor theme through everything. Have challenges for "jobs" in the class, luxury challenges for special things, work on team work, A fourth grade teacher did a unit and even had an immunity necklace they competed for. Have fun!!

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