Good Deal on Books

One of the best ways to add books to your classroom library is to look at yard sales during the Spring and Summer!  Before I became a teacher, I bought tons of books at yard sales and at Goodwill.  I have lots of books to use if I ever become a teacher of little ones.  
This weekend I went to a yard sale and scored lots of books!  33 to be exact.  I got several Jan Brett books....
Several Social Studies related books...
Several Science related books...
Lots of holiday related books... (even upper elementary grades still love reading holiday books!)
And a random assortment of books that I couldn't pass up!
I also got several books for my 3 year old.  He loves elephants so the two elephant books were great.  The underwater alphabet book is super cute.  And the Kindergarten books will be perfect to use later when it's closer to time for him to go to Kindergarten!  


  1. Great scores! I used to frequent yard sales a lot at the beginning of my career :)

    Fun in Room 4B

  2. Wow! You're the winner for sure! All of those social studies books are amazing! Henry's Freedom Box is one of my absolute favorites! I blogged about it actually (I think twice :O) )
    Head Over Heels For Teaching


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