Almost There!

So many of the teacher's whose blogs I read are already out of school & I have been quite jealous! ;)  This week has been super busy, but the school year is winding down so fast.  Today was actually my student's last day.  Tomorrow is the teacher's last day!  As much as I've loved my class this year, I am ready for a little break!  This school year has been really busy and somewhat overwhelming with regular teaching duties, masters class work, and all of the duties that come with being a wife and also being a mommy to a toddler, and living 7+ hours away from all of our family.  Whew, it makes me tired just thinking about it!  BUT,  I am about 4 weeks away from finishing my last masters class.  I will feel SO relieved when I am finished!!  

I have lots of things that I hope to post about soon:
  • Super cute binder covers
  • Wish List {one where I actually get the items!}
  • Field trip planning
  • Field day
  • Welcome packets
Right now, I feel somewhat in survival mode!  Ever feel that way?!?!  Although, I did see something recently that totally made me smile!!  Every now and then I look at the stats on my blog to see how people make it to my blog.  I saw one entry website called Top Masters in Education and I wasn't sure what it was.  So, I clicked on it and was taken to a link that is called Top 25 Elementary School Teacher Blogs of 2012.  
I could not and still cannot believe that my blog actually made the list!  Sometimes I wonder how many people even read it! :)  Although I don't think my blog is worthy of that title, it really did make me smile and made my day!  I have loved reading so many amazing teacher blogs and I think it's such a great community!  

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