Five for Friday {January 17}

Today I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching Five for Friday linky party! I love this linky because it's the perfect way to share all about our week.
We had Mommy PE class this week!  I actually got this idea from my previous teaching partner. She used to have "Sabrina's PE class" with her girls when they were younger. E was so funny when I was telling him we were going to do something new called "Mommy's PE class". We bundled up, went outside, and played games. First, we threw the ball back and forth. Then, we kicked the ball back and forth. While doing this, I asked Easton what sport we were playing (thinking he would say "kickball") and he said, "I think it's P-O-E" meaning PE! Too cute! We also tried throwing balls into a laundry basket (hey - whatever works, right?) and of course, we stopped for water breaks! We also walked a mile! He was exhausted by the end of it.
We had lots of creative play this week. We used this castle to make a home for animals and made a farm.
I found this little wooden barn at Target. I don't think it's actually a barn, but we thought it would be a good barn! Notice we didn't have a pond so we printed a picture of one, laminated it, and now we have a pond! E said, "We can waminate (laminate) i!" He is such a teacher's kid.
We also used this animal t-chart (freebie in my TPT store) to categorize animals. E is all about Africa. LOVES Africa! He asks all the time if we can go to Africa to see animals when he's bigger. One day, buddy. 
Mommy spent some time organizing school materials after cutting out LOTS of lamination!
We made an exciting decision this week! We are getting PUPPIES! Puppies, as in plural, as in TWO. Call me crazy now. We are going to be getting two miniature schnauzers! Actually, it isn't final or anything yet but we have found a breeder and talked with him a lot yesterday. He and his wife will be sending us pictures of two females (we want two females) that they have and hopefully we will put a deposit down today. Last night we took E to Petsmart and let him pick out 2 toys. Of course, he picked out an ELEPHANT and a monkey!


  1. Hi Lana! I had to share that when I was growing up we had a mini schnauzer named Archie :) he was a doll and we loved him so much!! He lived a long life too! You will love your new additions. Can't wait to see photos!
    Proud to be Primary

  2. Looks like you are settling in nicely! Two puppies....yes, you are crazy, but I totally get it. At least they are miniature. If you put them together, they would probably be the size of one other regular sized dog, right? :)

    Take care!
    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings


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