What We Have Learned This Week

I am sure you have all heard about the Great Snowpocalypse of Atlanta! People stuck on the interstate for hours upon hours, kids spending the nights at school, stranded people staying in places like Home Depot for shelter. It's been bad. Like every good Southerner, I got my "milk and bread" the day the snow began. No, really, I had to get groceries anyway and ran some errands on Monday so it worked out well. Since then, me and E have been staying put!

Growing up in Tennessee, we had a couple of snow's each winter - some little and some decent. In South Carolina, it snowed one good time while we lived there. I've heard that Atlanta doesn't get a lot of snow, so we are enjoying it while it's here!
Here's what we are learning about this week... (halfway kidding, we've been doing lots of giraffe stuff - check back tomorrow for that).
We've learned about how snow can form into snowballs and how you can throw them and hit people! :) We also learned that E's gloves were way too big and he couldn't do anything in them so I put him in my chevron socks! Whatever works - HA!
We've learned that soccer is even more fun in the snow!
And my favorite....we've learned how to make snow angels!! E begged me to do it with him so we both made lots of snow angels in the front yard!

Check back tomorrow for our giraffe fun!


  1. So fun! We had a light dusting of snow in Charleston! But the ice has been crazy!! One of our major bridges is still closed! We are on our second no school day! Crazy weather! Hope you stay warm!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  2. Looks like fun, I am so jealous of all the snow everyone is getting!!!


  3. He is just SO sweet! I'm glad you all are safe with those conditions down there!
    Stay warm!
    Short and Sassy Teacher


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