Last Day

This post is mainly just for me to keep a record of my last day in fifth grade at WCS.  Bear with me...I have lots of fun things to share later in the week.

My last day started with all of fifth grade coming to my classroom so that we could watch the movie Lyddie and enjoy hot chocolate. We had a ton of hot chocolate, marshmallows, cups, spoons, and napkins. Enough that they will be able to do this at least 2 or 3 more times, if they wanted to.  We had just finished and assessed our novel study over the book Lyddie.
We stopped throughout the movie and compared/contrasted while clearing up any misconceptions. There are lots of differences in the book and movie. All of my students said they much preferred the book! The movie is good to show what it was like inside a factory.
During the day, it didn't even really "feel" like my last day. We were all happy and enjoyed the day. We teachers had a potluck lunch so I enjoyed lunch with my co-workers, most of whom are good friends of mine. I was thankful for a lunch with them! 

We had our Christmas party and had several parents and grandparents come for the party. During the party, a student asked if she could play a song on the computer on YouTube and that it was from the class to me. This was it...
Oh my goodness...the tears started rolling. I just could not hold them back. So many students began crying and hugging each other and me. It was SO, SO sad.  My heart broke for them and for me all at the same time. One grandparent walked in during this and said it looked like a funeral instead of a party! LOL!  After the party was over, we said good-bye's at car riders as they individually left.  

My good-bye's with my co-workers and my best friend at my school were so very sad. My good-bye with my principal was sad. It was all just sad.  

I walked down to my classroom to get my stuff and take a few last glances/pictures. It was SO hard to walk away and close the door because I knew I'd no longer teach there again. I'd no longer walk in that classroom and give it my all.

I cried on and off after school. Good-bye's are so, so sad. Immediately after school I picked my son up and said another round of good-bye's at his daycare before we made our way to Georgia. Thankfully, the next morning we traveled to Tennessee and spent a week there with family and friends and that helped the blues I was feeling.  

When I arrived in Georgia a week later, I had a letter in the mail from one of my students. Bless her sweet heart! She has no idea how her letter made me smile.  
The last line, "We can still hop we will see each other again" is from our last novel study, Lyddie. In the story, Lyddie's mother writes her that "they can still hop" but meant HOPE. Throughout the novel, Lyddie uses that statement in her letters to her brother. I just LOVED that Leanna used it in my letter!  

What a bittersweet time it has been! I pray for each and every student as they return to school Tuesday and for the teacher that replaced me. I will always hold a special place in my heart for this school.


  1. Change is so hard.i feel your angst! I go through that a bit each day since I started another school in my district after teaching 15 years at the Middle School level. Each day will get a bit easier... Focus on your little guy. He will help you get through it. Blessings for a smooth transition.


  2. It's always so hard to say good-bye. Your school community sounds so wonderful and loving!

  3. How sweet of your student to write you such a thoughtful letter. I'm sure it gave you all kinds of warm fuzzies when you saw it in the mail. Best of luck on your new adventures. I can't wait to read about them!

  4. It is obvious you have touched and impacted your students' lives forever. Best of luck on your new journey!!!

    1, 2, Eyes On You!


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