It's right around the corner!

It's almost time for Valentine's Day! I admit, in the past Valentine's Day wasn't a big holiday for my upper elementary students, but as I have began planning a week full of Valentine's Day activities for my son, I see how it can be so much FUN!  

Some of the things we'll be doing the week of Valentine's Day:
  • Sending Zoo Valentine's to our family and friends
  • Sorting candy hearts
  • Graphing candy hearts (maybe?!)
  • Matching uppercase and lowercase hearts
  • Putting the letters of the alphabet in order
  • Counting hearts
  • Patterns with hearts
  • Sorting hearts by colors
  • Sorting hearts by size
  • Valentine's crafts
I can hardly wait! We will have a special family member visiting us on Valentine's Day so we are super excited!  

I have found lots of resources online for Valentine's Day and have made a few on my own resources to use with E.  

For today *only*, my Valentine's Day packets on Teachers Pay Teachers will be free! Click HERE to visit my store to find the two items below! 

All I ask is that you leave me some love (feedback!) and don't mention it was a freebie, as it will go back to being a paid item! 


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  2. Click the link above and it will take you to my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

  3. I appreciate how you make things available to other teachers! Goodness I can not wait to become a teacher seeing everything like this is so enjoyable and exciting! Finding all these things I never knew about!

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