Lorax Stories

Before this blog turns into Pre-K activities, I plan on wrapping up a couple of posts about my time in 5th grade.  

In this post, I shared how my partner teacher and I were using The Lorax with our Landforms and Oceans unit.  
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The kids LOVED writing their own Lorax stories. I mean, LOVED. My partner teacher and I did ours a little different. Our Science classes were divided based on ability. Her class preferred doing things independently, while mine needed the assistance and guidance of peers and often preferred to work together.  So, her students shared ideas in a discussion, but wrote their own stories. My class split into 5 groups and wrote a Lorax story together. I'm sharing one sample from her class and one from mine. I wish I'd gotten more pictures. One student from my partner teacher's class was AMAZING, but she was still working on it when I left. 

I have one more post about my last day in 5th grade before I begin sharing Pre-K activities with my little one. I've had so much FUN planning activities today for us to use this week and cannot wait to share! 

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