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Hello, all! I'm thrilled to be guest blogging today!

Let me introduce myself...

I'm on the left and Marie is on the right :)
I'm Crystal from Once Upon a Classroom: The Tale of Two Teachers. My blogging buddy, Marie, and I have been blogging for almost one year! We decided to collaboratively blog with two different perspectives. You see, she teaches in the suburbs of Chicago, and I teach in the city. We have many similarities, yet many differences. In addition to our own blog, we are a part of a collaborative blog, Collaboration Connection. Check out our buttons below:

So for today's post, I want to talk a little bit about classroom themes and decor. We all love to decorate, get organized, and make our classrooms look the absolute best. How do you decide what your "theme" will be? How do you decide what you need in a decor pack? 

I just finished my 9th year teaching and have had three themes: frogs, monkeys, and brights. When I taught in Florida, the teacher before me left EVERYTHING for me and it just so happened to be frogs. Although they aren't my favorite animal, I happily accepted all of her decor and soon found myself searching for other frog "stuff." 

Can you believe I have ZERO pictures of this?! 

After 3 years of this one, my teaching partner and I decided to use all the monkey stuff! It was adorable. At the time, there were extremely cute decor packs called, "Monkey Business." We pretty much had everything. 

After another 3 years of that, I decided I was over all the animal stuff and wanted bright colors! I figured I couldn't keep changing themes and decor, and I wanted something that I wouldn't get sick of. 

To prepare for the new transformation, I followed these steps: 

1. Found fabric for my boards and pillows. (my mom makes them!!) I decided to go with black backgrounds on the boards to make the bright colors pop! 

2. Design a decor pack with a variety of things to use. Check it out here: 

3. Raid Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Joann's etc. for baskets, and other objects that fit my theme. 

4. DECORATE!! This is the best part of preparing a classroom. Although it's tedious, it sure it fun! 

Here is my current classroom full of BRIGHT and FUN colors! 

If you see anything you love, please check it out at my store!! This summer, I'm designing the following theme decor sets: chalkboard, pirates, superhero, frogs, and under the sea. I am also taking requests, so please feel free to contact me! For my current decor pack and link to my store, click HERE!

Thank you so much for allowing me to talk to you about classroom decor and themes! Enjoy the rest of your summer! :)


  1. Crystal,
    Your room is so cute!! I'm trying to streamline all of my room decor to be bright colors and dark backgrounds and so far I'm liking it much more than the crazy mishmash of colors I had before! :) I teach in Phoenix, but my boyfriend lives in Lincoln Park and I'm thinking about moving out here in the next year!


  2. Love the decor suggestions! I decided to use a color scheme too, so I don't get sick of a theme. I love that you used black on your boards so that the colors pop. I may try that. Thanks for sharing!

    My Carolina Classroom


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