Setting up my Conference Binders

This week I have worked on setting up my conference binders. In the past I've called them a small group binder, but I stuck with the word conference this year because it will hold small group and individual conference notes. Since I will be teaching Reading/Writing/Language Arts this year to three groups of students, I labeled them as groups 1, 2, and 3. Group 1 is my homeroom, Group 2 will be my second group of students I teach, and Group 3 will be my last class.

The first thing I put in each notebook is a pencil pouch that holds supplies that I will need during a conference: pen, pencil, and post-it's. I may add supplies as I begin conferencing with students, but I think this will work for now.

Since I will be using CAFE/Daily 5 (more on that later), I put a copy of the CAFE menu in every binder for easy access.
I also put a calendar in each binder to help me stay organized on when I am meeting with certain students. I have purchased an Erin Condren teacher planner and may use that for scheduling student conferences, but for now I like the idea of the calendar for that class being in the conference binder.
I have copies of the Reading Conference and Writing Conference sheets that I will copy for each student. This is where I'll keep track of my documentation. I'll use these forms and see how they work for me. I have another form that I've used in the past that worked well so I will just have to see what works. 

I purchased tab dividers at the Dollar Tree since they sell them in a 10 pack for $1. I'm not sure how many students I'll have in each class so I purchased 3 sets for each class. I'll eventually put their names inside of the tabs.
With the exception of copying the conference forms, my conference binders are complete!

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  1. I love the set-up! I have been thinking about the best way to organize my reading/writing conference notes for 7th grade ELA. I think I will have to do separate folders with tabs just like yours :) thanks for the inspiration!


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