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Hi Y'all!
I kind of felt obligated to throw a y'all into my writing while I make my guest post onto the beloved southern belle, Lana's blog! I just about jumped for joy when Lana asked if I would be interested in doing a post for her..and I am!

My name is Erin and you can usually find me over at my blog, The Short and Sassy Teacher.  I've been doing a series of posts on tips and tricks, so I thought I'd share some of my ideas over here!

It's no secret that I like to shop and like you I always have my eyes peeled for a great deal on something that I can use in my classroom.  I've put together a small collection of organizational items that you can use to hold classroom table supplies without breaking the bank.

First up are metal tins or pails. You can find these just about anywhere now, but Target's Dollar Section is my favorite! They always have fun bright colors or patterns to choose from..and well...I always holla for a dolla!!!!

In my classroom this year I used a system like this to hold all of my kids individual supplies they need. Pack of crayons, scissors, and glue stickets were stored in buckets near their table groupings.  This freed up room in our desks and made our supplies easy and quick to grab!

These square tins I found at Target a few years ago...I'm hoping they'll turn up again!

If you're a fan of the look of Mason jars like I am, but have reservations of using glass in your classroom..uh...doesn't that spell D.I.S.A.S.T.E.R.?? Never fear, Wal-Mart is selling packs of 4 of  these adorable plastic versions! They come in both 'clear' and 'aqua'!

Okay, try not to let the simplicity of plastic cups (and my handwritten labels-sorry) disuade you from this set-up.  Picture your classroom tables with a simple plastic paper tray like the one above in the middle.  Inside of each tray you have a plastic cup labeled with each student's name.  Inside the cup the students can keep their basic supplies you need on a daily basis.  If you don't use crayons everyday you can substitute them for hi-lighters, red pens, dry erase markers...whatever works for your classroom.

Now the best part, is that when your kids switch tables, they just take their little cup with them! If  the cups crack, break, or just get plain ole' grungy looking...replace them with a fresh cup! It's pretty darn affordable! When I used to work in kindergarten, the kids' cups were changed out on a quarterly basis. They always loved getting a new colored Solo's the little things I guess! :)

I've used small or large, paper or plastic, clear, printed, or solid...the possibilities are endless!

I fell in love with these plastic Target baskets the moment I saw them! The colors are perfect for my  classroom! These baskets are normally used to hold party supplies...

They make the perfect containers for shared classroom supplies!

What kind of organizational finds do you love? Do you have any favorite shopping spots for classroom organizing products?

Thanks for reading and I'd love for you to come over and visit me at The Short and Sassy Teacher sometime!



  1. Did you sneak into my classroom? I love color containers of any sort! Target,5 Below,Walmart are a few along with Michaels. I have to look for those cute mason jars now! Of to check out your blog.

  2. Well hey there pretty lil' darlin'....glad to see you over here guest postin'. You did a wonderful job for Lana while she is away!!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. I love those plastic mason jars!! I can think of a million uses for them!


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