Monday Made It {Lunch Choices & Beach Ball Icebreaker Activity}

Happy Monday, friends!! You know what Monday's time to link up with Tara for Monday Made It! 
Last week I was at the beach {my favorite place to be!} so I don't have a lot to share, but I do want to share two small projects!
After talking to my new teaching partner, I learned that we take a lunch count every morning - something I didn't have to do at my previous school. She had magnetic containers with a lunch choice on each one so I modeled mine after hers. I had these cute containers from Target's dollar spot last year. I had just enough to have a lunch choice for each container (container #5 is at school). I will just add a magnet strip to the back and place them on the dry erase board. Or I may sit them on a table. I will have wooden sticks with students names and they will put their stick in their lunch choice for the day!

One of my most pinned posts is a beach ball icebreaker activity that I did last year on the first day of school. You can find it here. Last year I had looped up with my 4th graders so we didn't really need getting to know you questions because we all knew each other. So I decided to re-vamp this activity. I bought a new beach ball and wrote questions on each section. We will toss the ball around and each student will answer a question. You can do this multiple ways, but I'll probably do something like whatever color your right thumb lands on, answer that question.

Last year my class loved this activity and asked to play it multiple times so I hope it's a hit this year, too! 


  1. My students like beach ball activities! We play "Multiplication ball" in my room. I think your students will LOVE your ice breaker activity!
    Laman's Terms

  2. Love the beach ball ice breaker. Great for Mondays. Thank you.

    from In Transition

  3. I need to pick up a beach ball. I say I'm going to do it every year and I always forget. Putting it on my list now!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  4. Cute! I love those beach ball activities, they're so fun!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  5. cool theme - I like your idea of constantly making things for your classroom. And even over the summer you're at work!

  6. Love the beach ball ice breaker activity. So cute!!


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