Monday Made It {1st Day Frame}

Today I am linking up with Tara for Monday Made It! Today is my first day of school for preplanning.

Knowing that last week was my last week at home with my son before school started, I didn't want to work on a lot of school stuff. So...I only have one Monday Made It to share!

I made this frame last summer and had it for my fifth graders and then decided at the last minute not to use it. I kept it thinking I'd use it for my own son.

I purchased the wooden frame at Michael's and spray painted it blue. Then, I added the cut-outs to it using hot glue. Yesterday, I pulled off the Fifth Grade and added Pre-K.
This mama cannot believe my son is old enough for Pre-K. It's so incredibly bittersweet and I am sure you can imagine the emotions going on around here! Proud, nervous, excited, sad, bittersweet...the list goes on and on!


  1. I can't believe he's big enough for Pre-K either! Good luck with all of your new adventures :) I'll be thinking of you!
    Fun in Room 4B

  2. The frame is adorable! Children grow up so fast, it's a little scary. Good luck to you and your son as he is off to start a new adventure.

    Fit to be Fourth

  3. Adorable sign! :) Love the colors. So bight and cheery.

    Creativity to the Core

  4. I love your frame! It is really beautiful! When I bought the one for my class, I bought the cheapest thing I could find which was of course very plain. It's funny, for me my daughter starting school was a good thing. She went to the school where I was teaching, so I got to see her all the time. So all of the other mothers were shedding tears as their little one was starting pre-k and I was happy as a lark. That particular year, we had 1/2 day pre-k and kdg. My principal let her go to morning pre-k, eat lunch with me, go to recess with 1st grade and then come to my class for my pm kdg class. It was really great!
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  5. So fun! I love the bright cheery colors! E in pre-k!? Crazy!

  6. Your frame is beautiful! I made one (quickly) for my classroom, but it is nothing like yours!! LOVE it!
    Miss King's Enchanted Kingdom


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