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It's Back to School Week over at Blog Hoppin'! I love this week because so many awesome teachers link up and share! Here is the Back to School 2014 schedule if you are interested in linking up! 
Today I am going to link up for Who Monday! I wrote a similar post a few days ago, but still wanted to link up with the Blog Hoppin' fun! 
My name is Lana and I blog here at For the Love of Teaching! I am a fifth grade teacher in the state of Georgia. My family moved to Georgia the week before Christmas so we are still somewhat new to the area. We are originally from Tennessee (Go VOLS!), but moved from South Carolina. 
I have been married for 5 years and we have the sweetest 4 year old in the world. As a family, we love to spend time together and enjoy playing sports, playing outside, and just being together.
We have two miniature schnuazers named Maggie and Molly. They are 9 month old sisters. We also have a new Betta fish named Sharky.
I love to teach and am entering my 7th year teaching. I've taught 4th and 5th grade all of those years, but would love to teach little ones one day. I love Jesus and absolutely love our new church. I love contemporary Christian music and listen to it daily. I find peace and inspiration listening to praise music.

I love going to the beach. St. Augustine is one of my favorite beaches and towns I've ever visited. I love everything about summer: sunny days, family cookout's, beach trips, family time, time to relax and slow down, tank tops, flip flops, country music, etc.

I love everything about Tennessee...I love visiting my sweet family. I love watching Tennessee football and love the football atmosphere in the South. We love Rocky Top and all things Tennessee!  

Other random things I love: animals, blue jeans and tank tops, daisies, Chapstick, bubble baths, taking pictures, sweet friends, and children's literature.
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  1. Lana, I'm also a Tennessee transplant in Georgia! Although, I must say, I consider Georgia my home. I lived here from ages 10-22, and then moved back last year. I love it here!

  2. Your little boy is adorable!! I'm a sucker for the beach and summertime too. It's my favorite part of the year and yet since I'm a teachers I'm always so excited for fall. Go figure. :)


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