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I'm back today to link up with Blog Hoppin' for Why Wednesday! Aren't you loving all of these fun back to school posts?!
Today's post is all about ORGANIZATION, which just happens to be one of my favorite things! :) We will talk about how I stay organized and why it works for me! 
One of my favorite organizational tools is my Erin Condren planner. Y'all, I LOVE it! I just recently splurged and got the life planner and the teacher planner. I LOVE the life planner and will definitely order it again! It helps me stay organized and works for me because I am a list person and I write everything down.  
I also love organizing using binders so I thought I'd share my best organizational tips for binders. I have binders to keep track of my small group documentation. I teach 3 groups of students so I keep 3 binders for each class. In each binder, I have a pencil pouch with extra supplies and a tab for each student. Behind each tab I have a CAFE menu and Reading and Writing conference forms. I wrote a detailed post here if you are interested in learning more about how I set my binders up.
I also have a teacher binder that holds TONS of information. I have a pencil pouch with supplies, our school calendar, and tons of tab dividers. I use my teacher binder almost daily so it is imperative that it stays organized! I wrote a detailed post here if you are interested in learning more about what's inside each tab.
One of my very first teacher purchases after I graduated college was this All-Purpose Teacher's Organizer from Lakeshore Learning. The price has increased since I ordered, but I would still recommend it. I use this to hold all of the materials for the week.
I store supplies in three drawer plastic organizers. To hide the materials, I added scrapbook paper to the front and sides. I love how the paper made the organizers look! I also keep lots of bins and use them to hold a variety of materials. The two pictured here hold mentor texts and other books that I keep aside for certain units.
My teacher toolbox is another organizational tool that helps me organize the office supplies we use so often. I've been desk-less for years now so this has helped tremendously!
Last year when I taught 5th grade in South Carolina, I was responsible for planning Social Studies. I LOVED 5th grade Social Studies standards in SC - Reconstruction --> Present Day. I created a binder per main standard.
In each binder, I created a topic list and printed off the standards within the topic for easy access while planning. This was so helpful as I planned major units of study. Everything I had for that standard went in a page protector behind the standards.
Head over to Blog Hoppin' for more organizational tips!

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