Five for Friday {on a Saturday}

I am a day late for Five for Friday, but better late than never, right? It's been a tiring week because we went back to school this week!
ONE - We had Open House on Wednesday morning and I met 22 of my students. It went well! I had a small set up for Open House - a sign in sheet with transportation information, a reminder sheet with a  another important information, a class wish list (Be a classroom STAR by donating an item we need!). On the board I had a PowerPoint printed off with important information (my computers weren't working at the time). 
TWO - Not only did we have the FIRST day of school yesterday, but it was my son's FIRST day in PRE-K. Preschool, y'all. I can't even believe it. I have lots of cute pictures of him holding this adorable sign, but I try not to share personal pictures on this blog. They were adorable, though! Our conversation on the way home was just precious. He told me all about circle time, being the line leader, making new friends, everyone being so nice, praying (he's in a private Pre-K), singing Jesus Loves Me, playing outside at recess, reading Pete the Cat...ahhhh, be still my heart!
THREE - Our fifth grade team is implementing a morning meeting in our homerooms before we switch for Segment 1 so I purchased this book on Amazon to read. Have any of you read it? I know Morning Meeting is a big thing in younger grades, but being in 4th and 5th, I've never done an official morning meeting - minus the morning meetings I did when I student taught first grade. 
FOUR - I had to share these CUTE notebooks that I got at Wal-Mart. I need to stop buying school supplies, but these were just too cute. 
FIVE - I'm not sure if I ever shared that my son plays soccer. We have an awesome indoor soccer facility in our county. The first season was like "Mommy and Me" sessions where they learned the basics of soccer and a parent participated at every practice. We are now in the next league where we practice one a week and have a game every Saturday. It's quite a bit more intense, but we've had a great soccer week! He has tried so hard, got in there with the bigger kids, and scored a goal today. Proud mama! :) 


  1. I actually did Morning Meeting at the Middle School level. They loved it and so did I! I really think you will enjoy this book. Morning Meeting can be whatever you want it to be. Sounds like your little guy enjoyed school. Here is to a smooth transition for all of you!

  2. I'm interested to hear how your morning meetings go. I've thought about it for fifth, but haven't actually ever done it. Please keep us posted on that!

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